EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 – the three Maplezone Sports Institute (MSI) facilities, the Baseball Academy, Field House and Sports Village – WILL BE CLOSED! In accordance with the Governor’s Stay at Home Order for Delaware County, PA, as well as based on input from healthcare professionals, guidelines provided by the CDC and in our continued efforts to help curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, the three facilities will be closed until further notice.

Also, the MSI Battle for the Bats, MSI 95 Shootout, and MSI Easter Bunny Blast baseball tournaments scheduled for the weekends of March 28-29, 2020, April 4-5, 2020, and April 10-11, 2020 at the MSI Sports Village, have been CANCELLED.

During this time, we will be closely monitoring the situation and hope to determine the best course of action so we can provide our players, families and staff with a secure environment moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Please stay safe and continue to practice social distancing.

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Baseball Wellness

Hero’s Get Remembered But…

April 6, 2020
Legends never die! We all remember that famous quote from The Sandlot right!? Whether we realize it or not, what we are dealing with right now is historic. It is something that is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime type event…totally unprecedented in modern times. We are literally quarantined to our homes. Wow. What does this have to do with The Sandlot? Well, guys, legends are made during the darkest of times. They are created through struggle. They are shaped by conflict. Legends aren’t built from sun shines, rainbows, and unicorns. They are forged from the most arduous of conditions. That is now.  Will you let these circumstances define you in a negative way or will you rise up and become a legend? Will you be THE player that we talk about years from now that came out of this disastrous situation a completely transformed player? Bigger, faster, stronger…better…more determined than ever…an absolute beast produced despite all of this turmoil. So the question is, “will you be a legend”? Or will you be one of the thousands of players that will use this an excuse as to why they “didn’t make it”? Guess what guys…someone is going to make it. Will it be you? This is the ultimate test of resilience. Become a legend. Someone will. Be obsessed.
Baseball Wellness

Avoid the Lull

March 30, 2020
The first week or two of quarantining was probably fun for most of you. You got to sleep in, post cool videos of you working out at home, and barely do any school work.However, as the quarantine continues, it will get harder and harder to avoid the lull. The lull consists of things like spending way too much time on the couch, skipping workouts, and/or eating crap (just to name a few). Instead of…well…doing the opposite of all those things.To repeat the theme of last week, THERE WILL BE BASEBALL AGAIN and those that have invested in themselves during this time will reap the rewards of their choices when we’re all back between the lines.So how do we avoid the lull? Here are a couple of suggestions…#1-Write down your short and long term goals then hang them somewhere visible (or even make them the background of your phone). This way when you’re having trouble getting motivated, you’ll be reminded why you need to get your butt off the couch!#2-Find a way to compete. Whether it’s having a push-up contest with your brother or FaceTiming a teammate to see who can hit the most consecutive lasers off a tee, adding a competitive element to everything you’re doing will make you push yourself and also add another layer of accountability to your daily routine.Now is the time to get creative in your preparation rather than give up on it! Avoid the lull guys…it WILL be worth it. Be obsessed.
Baseball Wellness

This Sucks

March 23, 2020
Regardless of who you are, you lost something this spring…your HS season, your college season, your team’s season, or your son’s season. Baseball is in a pause. This is something that we’ve never seen at this large of a scale…ever. This sucks. There is no denying it.   There are not enough synonyms of “awful” that will ever describe what has been taken away from so many people this spring due to COVID-19. It is absolutely unfair.   So what can we do about it?   The answer, make the best of the situation. Screw COVID-19!   Your season got canceled? You can’t change that. What you CAN do is control what you look like the next time you do get to step on the field. And there will be a next time.   No field? No gym? No proper training equipment? You know who else doesn’t have any of those things? All the players you will be competing against! The players that will be successful when this is all over will be the ones that got creative and found a way to improve when the odds were against them.   Don’t focus on the things you can’t control or the things that were taken away from you. Focus on being ready next time you GET to step on the field. Be obsessed. Ken Spangenberg Director of Baseball Maplezone Sports Institute

Try This!

March 10, 2020
Next time you play or watch a baseball game, fill out this survey (mentally-no need to actually write it down)… How many swings did you take? How many times did you sprint? How many ground balls did you field? Did you have to do athletic movements that are common in other sports (such as back peddling, cutting, kicking, etc)? And finally, how much time did you spend? Don’t forget to take into account the drive there, pre-game, and the drive home. That’s a heck of a lot of time spent with very little “action” actually happening, isn’t it? What is my point? My point is if you want to become really good at baseball, you can’t PRIMARILY play games. This applies even more so at the younger ages where a player really needs to develop their overall athletic literacy (a strong athletic base).  Unfortunately, the culture of youth baseball today is to play, play, play and while games are certainly an important part in developing as a player, I think any reasonable person can see why spending 4hrs at the field to get 7 in-game swings and 3 rounds of BP pre-game is not the best way to improve a player’s swing when they are struggling offensively. It just doesn’t add up. So my challenge to you is NOT to play 150 games this spring/summer/fall. It is to play a decent amount of games and commit to your own development! That means consistent time at the cages, working on your defense, building up your arm strength, and starting a sports performance program (just to name a few). Oh and playing another sport (even if it’s just pick up basketball or flag football) is also strongly recommended. Finally, this is not only my opinion but also the opinion of people much smarter and much more qualified to speak about a player’s long term development than myself (USA Baseball for example).  Players who just “play a lot” will certainly have success in the short term, however, they will miss out on key developmental windows to improve their athletic skill set, not to mention, put themselves at a higher rate of injury and burn out by only playing one sport year-round at a young age (all research-backed concepts). Be obsessed. PS-If anyone wants the USA Baseball Long Term Developmental report, let me know and I’ll send it to you!


We are grateful for the experience that Ethan is getting and appreciate all you and the other coaches do for the kids. You guys are very good with the kids run a great program.

Crissi, MSI Parent

Brooke is throwing her change-ups and they are working big time! The girls were way ahead of the pitch. Brooke could not stop smiling!
Nice work coach!

Scott, MSI Lesson Client

I wanted to thank you again for putting on a great winter lacrosse league. This was our first year in your league, and it was the best winter league we have played. We will definitely be participating next year.

Jeff, MSI Lacrosse League Client

The instruction and guidance offered to Michael by Corey during a batting session is truly appreciated. Just to see Michael’s expression when he gets that “ha-ha” moment after Corey improves his swing or stance is priceless. Everyone at MSI is truly wonderful. Please convey my Thank you!

Teresa Eze, MSI Parent

Chris, Just wanted to say you did a hell of a job getting everybody 3 pool play games. I’m sure it was a scheduling nightmare. That’s why you’re the best!!

Tom Hunter, MSI Tournament Client

Andrew did a great job with Daniel, he really liked his lesson. We will be putting him on schedule for lesson every week till the start of the season in March.

Paul Jacobs, MSI Parent

Thank you very much for allowing me and my teammates to use your facility, it’s the perfect place to get everything we need done to get ready for the upcoming season!

Edwin Lee, Goldey-Beacom College 1B/OF

Our MSI experience has been amazing. My daughter is about to start her 3rd year of softball. Michelle has been incredible with her. She is very new to catching and her first 2 lessons have helped her gain some confidence. She is so excited for her next lesson! We will definitely continue with lessons and clinics.

Julie Bossler, MSI Lesson Client

I cannot say more about how wonderful Cory is with my son!! He has made such a positive impact on my son’s hitting and is always kind and respectful of him. I constantly recommend him to my many baseball mom friends!!!

Julie McHugh, MSI Lesson Client

My son Cole raved about his experience with Carlos. This is his first year in little league and he has been very intimidated with batting. We are hoping the lessons will give him more skill and confidence so he can enjoy his experience to the fullest. So far, things seem great.

Lori Captain, MSI Lesson Client

Nick did a great job instructing my son Patrick. He took the time to teach him the proper mechanics and build his confidence at the same time… I was very impressed with Nicks ability to get through to my son and get him to respond much better than I could.

Rick Godfrey, MSI Lesson Client

Pat Shevlin was great. We’ll be back. Thanks!

Ian McDonald, MSI Lesson Client

Great lesson with Cory last night. My son responded to the couple flaws Cory picked up quickly. He hasn’t listened to me in 15yrs but listened to Cory in 30 min.
Thank you.

Stan Ciesielka, MSI Lesson Client

Chris, I wanted to compliment you, your staff and your location. This was my first visit to your facility and I was very impressed. I have played in dozens of venues on the east coast and our experience this weekend was one of my most enjoyable. The umpires, staff and facility were A+, and we as an organization can’t wait to come back in July! The competition was strong in the playoffs and we look forward to playing many tournaments in the future. I will be spreading the word here in CT about your facility for 12U and up! Thanks again,

Bill Granata, MSI Baseball Tournament Client