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Entitled Elite

May 24, 2016
A lot of people, myself included, are vocal that kids shouldn’t get “participation trophies,” that we should be teaching them you are rewarded for hard work and success, not just showing up. Well, I want to take it one step further and talk about the “entitled elite” player and what a bad culture we are creating for even the highest level and most talented player. I actually think this is a much bigger issue than any of the “participation” issues today. For example. Player 1 is a stud. He’s a 15 or 16-year-old sophomore in high school who’s already committed to an SEC baseball powerhouse. So what does he deal with today? He deals with multiple companies ranking him the best, talking about how good he is, and constantly reminding him how he’s made it. He “announces” his commitment like Lebron taking his talents to South Beach, and he is then congratulated, retweeted, liked, and shared thousands of times by his peers, coaches, and those same companies. “Congrats Man!” “This kid is a stud!” “He won’t even make it to college, right to the pros.” “Here’s a custom glove/bat, congrats stud!” Etc, etc, etc. He has 15 travel teams from around the country calling and saying, “Hey, come play for me. We are the best. You’ll play for free, I’ll fly you out here for tournaments. You’ll get 17 sets of uniforms, custom gloves, bats, etc. Our sponsors are the best, and they hook up all of our players!” He is invited to numerous “All-American” games where he and his teammates are treated like celebrities and glorified as if they are a 10-year MLB vets. Is this all good for the sophomore in high school who has essentially done nothing in his career? How is he supposed to stay humble, think that he has to work harder to accomplish things and truly “make it”? Yes, coaches (like myself) are part of this problem. This is something I struggle with every day when I talk to players, post about a player, etc. I always worry about humility, entitlement, and making sure I am truly preparing my players to succeed at the next level. Nothing compares to truly teaching them how hard this process is going to be! For me, getting and developing the talent is the easy part. It making them understand what’s truly important … words like loyalty, humility, appreciation, dedication, and hard work. When you get the scary talented player away from the “entitled elite” player moniker, he’s the one we are probably going to be watching on TV. That’s why I’m starting a new campaign with a very creative name for our players today. I’m calling it, “SHUT UP. WORK HARDER. PLAY BETTER.” This is a message we all should be preaching to all levels of players, even the elite ones.

A Recap of Groome vs. Mondile

May 17, 2016
In a highly anticipated matchup between two of the nation’s top high school pitching prospects, Jason Groome and Tyler Mondile lived up to the hype and then some. In front of a sold-out crowd of over 6,000 people at Campbell’s Field in Camden, NJ, Groome and Mondile were on top of their respective games, with each racking up double-digit strikeouts, while more importantly, achieving their goal of raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Kari Jenkinson Fund. As for the game itself, many naturally predicted a low scoring affair. And sure enough, it was Mondile and Gloucester Catholic who pulled out the 1-0 victory, scoring the lone run on a Barnegat throwing error. The final stats for Groome and Mondile tell the story and show why both are such highly regarded prospects. For Groome, 6 innings pitched, 1 unearned run, 2 hits, 2 walks, and 14 strikeouts, topping out at 94 MPH. For Mondile, 7 innings pitched, 0 runs, 3 hits, 1 walk, and 10 strikeouts, with a fastball reaching 95 MPH. “Overall, both Jay and Tyler showed why they are such elite level prospects and have such promising futures,” said MSI’s Director of Sports Performance, Rob Rabena, who trains both players. “Their dedication, work ethic, and skillsets are simply off the charts.” “Jay and Ty did what Jay and Ty do,” added MSI Director of Travel Baseball Teams, Kevin Schneider, with a laugh. “Jay has just scary abilities for a player who is still only 17 years old and doesn’t turn 18 until the end of August. And Tyler’s competitive fire and intensity are second to none. I honestly don’t think either player gets enough credit because of how long they’ve been so good. To step onto such a large stage, with expectations through the roof, and deliver the way they did, is unbelievable.” At the end of the day, Groome vs. Mondile won’t be remembered for the 1-0 Gloucester Catholic win, but rather for the exemplary performances by both pitchers and for the money raised for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Kari Jenkinson Fund. #Ks4theKids

Groome. Mondile. . . . Rabena??

May 6, 2016
Both Jay Groome and Tyler Mondile expect to hear their names called early in June’s Major League Baseball Draft. The pair of New Jersey flamethrowers have been lighting up scouts’ radar guns all season, with both throwing no hitters. They will even faceoff against one another on May 16th at Campbell’s Field in Camden in a matchup of two high school phenoms that has not been seen since Kobe Bryant faced off against Rip Hamilton at the Palestra back in 1996. And while their paths will cross on May 16th, you can often find Groome and Mondile at MSI, putting in endless work training with Sports Performance Director, Rob Rabena. Since joining MSI, Rabena has developed a reputation for helping athletes add muscle, improve speed, and develop all around strength specific to their sport. His client list ranges from youth baseball and soccer teams, to top prospects such as Groome and Mondile, to a top ranked college baseball team like Millersville University, all the way to current professional athletes such as Philadelphia Phillies RP Brett Oberholtzer. During winter months, Rabena can also be seen training up to 25 local professional athletes from all different organizations, a group of guys Groome and Mondile hope to join next offseason. “Rabena’s a legend,” said MSI Director of Baseball Teams, Kevin Schneider, with a laugh. “It’s funny because of how ridiculously good [Rob] is at identifying areas of weakness and completely turning it into a strength in a matter of months.” “Obviously, an athlete only gets out of training what he or she puts into it,” Schneider continued. “But Rob has created an atmosphere and a culture where athletes want to come in and genuinely work their tails off, and the results speak for themselves which keeps them motivated to keep grinding.” But what about training high school athletes the caliber of Groome and Mondile, what does Rabena have to say about their training habits? “Both Jay and Tyler’s futures are so bright, it’s an honor to be a part of their journey,” said Rabena. “Jay does everything well in the weight room, he has good movement/joint range of motion, strength, power and scapular strength. He has that ‘eye of the tiger’ every time he comes in to train,” Rabena continued. “[With Tyler] I had the pleasure to see him gain 15 pounds of muscle during the offseason. His commitment is off the charts. He didn’t miss a day of training and is reaping the benefits now with a 4 mph increase from last year,” Rabena said. And you can catch these two MSI Training Athletes square off against one another May 16th in a much anticipated showdown before both expect to hear their names called early in June’s Draft.

Mesa Lacrosse Club and Maplezone Sports Institute (MSI) announce exciting new partnership.

May 3, 2016
The Mesa Lacrosse Club and MSI are excited to announce a partnership that will bring the Mesa teams to establish their new home base of training, development and event management operations to the two state-of-the-art MSI complexes – the indoor Field House and the outdoor Sports Village. The partnership is expected to provide the platform for both organizations to work together to develop player enhancement programs by combining the capabilities of both complexes. The Mesa teams will continue to use the facilities at The Haverford School as they transition over the next twelve months into using the two MSI complexes. “We are very pleased with this new partnership with MSI because it now provides us the opportunity to tailor our program offerings, using both complexes, in order to appropriately meet the constantly changing requirements of our committed and talented travel team players “, stated John Nostrant, Director of Mesa. John also stated, “the integration of our training programs into the two complexes is ideal for our plans to continue to offer the best travel team experience to our players.” New General Manager of Lacrosse Operations at MSI, Vinnie Bonaddio, stated, “having a nationally recognized lacrosse club like Mesa calling the MSI Field House and Sports Village home is an outstanding opportunity for MSI to continue to showcase the great fields and venues for playing lacrosse. We feel that the Mesa teams will now have the best venues in terms of location and facilities to continue to attract the best talent in this region.” Mesa Lacrosse is Greater Philadelphia’s premier lacrosse club. The union of the Philadelphia Fever program (founded in 2006 by The Haverford School’s Travis Loving, John Nostrant, and Mark Petrone) with Mesa Fresh Lacrosse (founded in 2007 by Bob Aitken) offers players the opportunity to pursue the highest level of lacrosse from the beginning of their careers through college. The hallmark of the Mesa program is an emphasis on teaching and coaching the game.  Rosters are capped so players can build on and off-field relationships and coaches are attached to teams to allow each team to grow and progress within and across seasons. Perhaps most importantly, Mesa coaches are supervised and coached by the architects of the most successful high school program in the country. With 35 acres of turfed fields and indoor sports facilities, the MSI sports complexes separate themselves as the premier sports training centers on the east coast. State of the art facilities, batting cages, sporting fields and the most experienced sports trainers around provide the best opportunity to help those looking to improve as an athlete. Beyond the sports camps and performance training, the sports center is the ideal location for softball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse tournaments.


Dalton, my wife and I are really happy with the whole experience we had. We really liked Coach Stumpo and what he was saying. My son was all smiles and talked about his lesson the rest of the night. We are DEFINITELY coming back. I have to tell you that my son seemed invigorated about baseball again.

Chris Sweeney, MSI Parent

We are grateful for the experience that Ethan is getting and appreciate all you and the other coaches do for the kids. You guys are very good with the kids run a great program.

Crissi, MSI Parent

We just wanted to thank you for all your help with Jonathan. Today on Super Bowl Sunday Jonathan verbally committed to the Golden Rams of West Chester. Their coach was very excited about his commitment and sees him as one of his top guys for the next four years. The MuckDawgs program has been a great experience for Jonathan right from day one, verses where we came from. Jonathan has worked hard right from the start when you told him to fill out his jersey. You have given him the tools he needs to be successful on the field and in life. We are very thankful for all your help!

Alan & Gretchen, MSI Parents

Brooke is throwing her change-ups and they are working big time! The girls were way ahead of the pitch. Brooke could not stop smiling!
Nice work coach!

Scott, MSI Parent

Thanks for putting on a great clinic and for the hospitality of Maple Zone.
Max is benefitting greatly. He was very excited to have gotten 2 FO wins using the fish hook technique the other night. It is great stuff. You are turning him into a student of the game and have opened up a new world to him.
Great job and thanks again.

Mark, MSI Parent

I wanted to thank you again for putting on a great winter lacrosse league. This was our first year in your league, and it was the best winter league we have played. We will definitely be participating next year.

Jeff, MSI Parent

Service at Maple Zone scheduling the appointment was excellent. Dan is doing a great job instructing Tim on hitting. Tim is very happy to have Dan as an instructor and we’ll be back again scheduling more appointments with Dan soon. Tim has been going to Maple Zone for several years and we are very happy with the services.

Joe , MSI Parent

The instruction and guidance offered to Michael by Corey during a batting session is truly appreciated. Just to see Michael’s expression when he gets that “ha-ha” moment after Corey improves his swing or stance is priceless. Everyone at MSI is truly wonderful. Please convey my Thank you!

Teresa Eze , MSI Parent

We couldn’t be happier, Rizz is a great instructor!

Tom Gartland, MSI Parent

Things are going great. Our 10 year old is really learning a lot. Matt is wonderful and my son really likes him. We’ve been to a few places before. This has been our best experience.

, MSI Parent

My son Ryan Beyer just completed his 8th pitching lesson with Todd Rizzo last Thursday, and I just wanted you to know how much Todd did to help Ryan improve. I was really impressed with how Coach Rizzo explained things to Ryan in an adult way, but a style that was easy for a kid to understand. He gave Ryan a lot of confidence and re-assurance as to his delivery mechanics and his abilities. I have to say that I was amazed and impressed by Coach Rizzos ability to spot even the smallest mechanical flaw and explain how it impacted his pitches in both location and velocity. Ryan has a pretty decent arm for a 10 year old kid, but last year, he really struggled with his control. He used to walk more than he struck out. This year, his first game at BYC, he threw 33 pitches, 28 of them were strikes, and he struck out the first 9 guys he faced. Needless to say, he was walking around on 3 feet of air after the game. I’ve never seen my son so happy and proud. So, I just wanted to let you know, since you are the general manager of MSI, that Todd did an outstanding job with my son. Cant say enough good things about the guy!! The lessons were super helpful and effective. Thanks

, Brad Beyer