Winners and Losers

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Winners and Losers

Well here we go…I’m going to talk about the importance of winning right? Nope…I’m not. In fact, I think the concept of “winning” is what ruins youth sports.

There is a substantial difference between winning/losing AND winners/losers.

Losers can win. Winners can lose. Results are simply a reflection of how good you were in that two hour window. That doesn’t define the player, despite popular opinion.

So what’s the difference? Here it is…

Winners-Work really hard. Always bring it in practice. Are coachable and open to improving their game. Compete whenever possible. AND make players around them better (yes that’s a thing).

Losers-Try hard when they feel like it. Practice hard when the conditions are ideal. Compete when they know they can win. AND bring other players down with them.

Losers can 100% be the best player on your team right now. We all know that kid who shows up when he wants, doesn’t hustle, but is still successful despite all of this. The bottom line (and most people miss this until it’s too late) is that some players are talented enough to get away with doing the wrong things….TO A POINT!

While the loser coasts, the winner is doing what he needs to do to get better. Every. Day. He is instilling good habits, challenging himself, and improving his game. Heck, the winner may be the “worst” player on the team. You just haven’t noticed because you’re looking at the wrong things.

When the winner catches up to the loser, the loser doesn’t stand a chance. He’s never worked hard and he’s never dealt with failure…he’s always played by his rules and his rules only. Unfortunately, at a certain point in your career, you no longer make the rules. End result, winner surpasses loser.

Don’t focus on winning and losing. Your past record doesn’t speak to the type of player you are today and it certainly doesn’t speak to the type of player that you WILL be years from now.

Be a winner. Step on the field (every time) WANTING to be better and WANTING to make the guys around you better.

Don’t concern yourself with Ws and Ls. Concern yourself with being a winner. You will win when it MATTERS. Be obsessed.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Teams
Maplezone Sports Institute

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