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For starters, please take a second to read this text message I received this week…
I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “what’s the big deal?” right? Well, I’ll tell you…this text message was sent to me by a 13 year old player after he saw our updated practice gear policy. Holy crap! How many 13 year olds would do that!?
I consistently challenge our parents to put their sons in a position to take ownership of career. It can be something as simple as them knowing their practice schedule or making sure they have a snack for in-between games to something as serious as leading the discussion when we’re talking about the college recruiting process or being the one to discuss playing time with their coach.
Now I’m sure many of you are thinking, “my son cannot handle that” and you maybe right…maybe right NOW he can’t. But you know the only way to be certain? By providing them with the opportunity to do so…by shifting some of the responsibility to them.
Why expect someone to be be responsible and take ownership of something if they aren’t give the chance to?
Yeah that may mean that they show up for practice wearing the wrong practice gear, but guess what? After the team conditions for 20 minutes because of it, I bet you it won’t happen again!
It’s natural to want to put a bubble around your child and protect them. However, that’s not the best thing for their long term development. 
Start small. Start simple. In order to grow and develop long term, the PLAYER needs to take the reins…not their parents or their coach. Give them ownership. Give them say. Let them fail. None of this is fatal, it’s simply a learning opportunity.
I am confident, that over time, you will be shocked by what they’re capable of. Be obsessed.
PS-This isn’t JUST a baseball skill. This is just another excellent example how the things we learn in this game translate to LIFE.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
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