Back to Wall Shoulder Flexion Progression

By Matt Vrabel 3 years ago

The back to wall shoulder flexion exercise is a simple, but effective exercise that does a lot positive things for shoulder health and performance. It teaches the shoulder blade to move more around the ribcage. It teaches a posterior pelvic tilt, and a good neutral neck position, all while maintaining core and trunk stability. This exercise can also work on eccentric control of the shoulder blade (lowering your arm down). My biggest reason for programming this exercise is teaching the ribcage to stay down as you life your arm up overhead.

shoulder flexion

It’s a rib flare party, I don’t want to be invited!

Once someone can perform this movement well, I will then progress it by simply pressing the thumbs into the wall at the top position. This will develop end range strength of the mid back and lower traps. I like this because once an athlete can get overhead, we then want to strengthen that position.

Give this progression a try to enhance your arm care and shoulder health!

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