The Only Bad Day at the Ballpark

By Ken Spangenberg 1 year agoNo Comments

Baseball can be the most frustrating sport more often than not, especially, IF we’re results driven (yes here we go again)!

There are a thousand different ways to have a “bad day” at the ballpark…
Not hitting well
Not fielding well
Not pitching well
Getting robbed
Bad calls
Just to name a few…but in the grand scheme of things, are these truly “bad days”?

Well, it really all depends! Did you LEARN from your “bad day” or did you start to doubt yourself, make excuses, or point fingers? If you learned skills, mindsets, or concepts that will help you in your future of this game, was it actually a bad day?

I don’t think so! And neither should you!

Very, very, very, very, rarely will a “bad day”, actually matter so much that it will negatively impact the future of your career.

What will negatively impact your career though? Not LEARNING from your bad AND your good days. Results from yesterday don’t matter past yesterday. What you learn (or don’t learn) can stay with you for the rest of your career.

The only “bad day” at the ballpark is the one you don’t learn from. Learn, adjust, & repeat. Be obsessed.

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