Bring The Juice (Not Apple or Grape)

By Ken Spangenberg 10 months agoNo Comments
Why the heck are we talking about types of juice?
Don’t worry, we aren’t!
Juice is a term that has become popular in the baseball community…specifically the college level.
A player with “juice” is someone that is locked in and really brings the energy and focus every day.
For example-That player really brings the juice. 
You can play catch…or play catch with juice. You can take ground balls…or take ground balls with juice. You can show up to practice…or show up to practice with juice.
Why is juice a crucial asset to possess as a player?
Well, it will help both your individual career and will force players around you to step up their game too. Juice is contagious. Juice is a separator. Juice is required if you want to reach your potential.
That extra level of energy/focus that, over time, will create a HUGE difference between you and a juiceless player. Every single rep you take is with optimal purpose. You will squeeze every ounce of potential you have when you practicee/train with juice…not to mention that it will push everyone around you to bring the juice as well.
I heard this phrase over the summer from a current college coach and former DI College World Series champion (because guys with juice WIN)…”if you are juiceless, you are useless”. Don’t be useless. Bring the juice. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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