But I’m a Second Baseman

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I often ask players where they play…whether it’s talking to them about college recruiting or during tryouts, the question comes up a lot.
One in every few players will give me the old, “I play second base (insert any other single position),” and do not seem open to playing somewhere else.
I would recommend that all players be open to being versatile. Here’s why…

  1. By only being open to playing one position, you only give yourself ONE opportunity to get on the field. What if the best player on your next team is better at second base and you just spent 3yrs only playing second base? 
  2. You learn the game. By playing different positions, you will understand situations better since you know where everyone will be because you’ve been in their shoes.
  3. You become more valuable at higher levels. What if your dream college comes out to watch you play and they love you…however, they aren’t recruiting your position this year! Wouldn’t it be beneficial to be able to tell and SHOW them that you have experience playing multiple positions?
  4. Not to mention it makes you sound like you aren’t a team player…

Being able to play multiple positions is all a matter of effort and openness. If you want to be versatile, you’ll find a way to make yourself be versatile. 
There are A LOT of players who are at one position, but there are not a lot of players who can play all over the field. Be a student of the game. Make yourself indispensable. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg

Director of Baseball

Maplezone Sports Institute

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