You Can’t Wear Life

By Ken Spangenberg 12 months agoNo Comments
As baseball players, we are always told to be tough.
Wear it. Don’t rub it. OR rub some dirt on it are all common phrases that you’ll hear during a game. 
It’s the nature of the sport. There are no dives or flops in baseball.
However, there are things that happen to us that will hurt much more than a 90mph fastball to the back.
All of us will be hit by life and that can feel infinity worse than any HBP. 
Asking for help…needing to talk to someone…doesn’t make you soft, it makes you human.
If you aren’t feeling right, talk to someone…whether it’s a friend, teammate, family members, or coach…talk to someone.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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