Your Career Won’t Be Like Wawa

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Why do you go to Wawa so much? Because it’s convenient! It’s a one stop shop. Get some gas, a bite to eat, and your afternoon coffee. How can you beat that?
Unfortunately, reaching any goal that’s truly special, like playing college baseball (6.8% of HS baseball players GET to), will not be so convenient.
You can’t expect to train in comfort (doing only things you like and that you’re good at, when you want/feel like it), sleep in, drive 2 minutes to a gorgeous field, on a day with perfect weather, and play in front of 10 schools that you want to go to.
It doesn’t work that way. Not even close.
If you want to play in college and be in the top SEVEN PERCENT of high school players, here’s a more accurate picture of what your journey will look like…
Sacrificing things like sleeping in, hanging out with friends, video games, and your overall comfort to train your butt off during the week so you are prepared for the weekend.
Your weekends will now be full of early alarm clocks, and long drives where the reward is to play 7 innings in 90 heat and brutal humidity…in hopes of being recruited.
Doesn’t sound convenient right? That’s because it isn’t. The process of reaching a lofty goal rarely is fun, easy, or especially convenient. But that is what you’re going to have to do if you want a shot at entering that exclusive club of college baseball players.
Convenience applies to gas stations and fast food restrauants, not your baseball career. The journey won’t be easy…it will require plenty of sacrifices along the way. It is what separates the 7% from the 93%. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Athletic Training, Baseball, Wellness
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