The game is always changing which means that we, as coaches, need to be constantly evolving
our training models to provide you with the most up to date tools in order to help you reach your full potential.

Because of this, we are introducing a new training model that the majority of elite training
facilities in the country are beginning to implement. This model is unlimited, semi-private baseball training.

This is meant for the serious baseball player who realizes that they need to work on all parts of
their craft on a daily basis in a competitive, high-energy atmosphere. Coaches will be present to
help aid, develop, and push players, but there will also be an emphasis on the player learning what is best for HIM.

The training will include hitting, pitching, position-specific fielding, base-running, and sports
performance. Players will be able to take advantage of as many sessions as they would like.

If you want to discover your true potential, this is what you need.

Sports Performance + Hitting or Throwing (Eval Included) – $459

Sports Performance + Hitting and Throwing (Eval Included) – $559