Confidence or Doubt

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“Baseball is a game of failure”. 
“Going 3 for 10 will get you in the Hall of Fame.”
We’ve all heard these statements before right? Common place in the game. But our behavior on or around the field doesn’t always reflect these sentiments.
We have all been there. We haven’t come through in big situations. We have screwed up a routine play. We have missed a sign. 
Regardless if you’re a teammate, a coach, or a parent…you can have a tremendous influence on any of these failures with the players involved.
Parents-Is your son looking at you after a K? Are they seeing someone who is complaining, disappointed, or yelling? Or are they seeing positive body language and someone that believes in them regardless of the results?
Coaches-Your player just popped up a bunt. Does he see you throw up your hands up in the air or hear you make a snide remark? Or does he see someone that still has confidence in them?
Players-This is the most important one! When your teammate makes an error, when they look at you, will they get strong eye contact and a positive statement like “you got the next one” or “I’m picking you up this play” or are they watching you pout because that player should’ve made the play?
Let’s not forget how HARD this game is. You can make everyone around you better or worse with your body language and energy. 
Being negative is easy…that’s what most do. Make the decision to be fiercely positive, even when it’s not easy…especially when it’s not easy. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg

Director of Baseball

Maplezone Sports Institute

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