Defining the Grind

By Ken Spangenberg 2 years agoNo Comments
Maybe it’s the ability to post things on social media or maybe it’s just the climate of today’s game, but it seems like everyone claims to “work hard” or “grind” anymore.
Well, I have come up with a great litmus test to determine whether you are actually on “the grind” or not.
You ready!?!?!?
Ok here are the steps…
Step #1- Write everything that you have done to improve your game (this includes your academics and development as a man) this week.
Step #2- Write everything that you SHOULD have done this week to improve your game that you didn’t.
Step #3- Write down why you DIDN’T do what you should have done to improve your game.
Step #4- Now imagine handing that paper in to the schools that you WANT to recruit you.
Step #5- Reflect.
Did that piece of paper that you gave those schools help you or hurt you? 
If it helped you, than you are doing what you need to be doing. Keep doing it.
If it hurt you, than it’s time to determine just how bad you really want to play in college. Step it up.
If you are trying to play baseball in college, you need to realize that everyone works hard. Everyone practices hard. Everyone does extra work. This doesn’t make you special. This doesn’t mean you deserve a scholarship. 
Are you making the appropriate sacrifices to be elite or are you just following the herd?
One route will get you what you want and the other route will get you throw into the same category as thousands of other hopeful players.
Take action or start praying. The option is yours. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Teams
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Athletic Training, Baseball, Wellness
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