The Difference Between You and Justin Turner

By Ken Spangenberg 2 years agoNo Comments
I hope you are all watching the MLB Playoffs! Not only are they exciting and full of some of the best players in the game, but they are also full of events we can learn from.
Let’s take everyone favorite red head, Justin Turner (Dodger’s Third Baseman). He went 0 for 4 with 4Ks on Friday. Ouch. Rough game right? Now let’s remember that this was also in front of tens of thousands of people live and hundreds of thousands on TV, not to mention, all the social media hate that he undoubted received after such a rough game.
What did he do the next day? He had a great game which included a difference making, late inning 2 run homer that was the difference in the game.
How was he able to get past his bad game and come through in the clutch the next game?
Simple…he has a short memory. I’m sure he went home upset, disappointed, and mad, but you can bet your bank account that he woke up excited for the opportunity to play the next game!
And that’s potentially the biggest difference, mentally, between the players you watch on TV and you.
They can compartmentalize. One bad game for them is just that…one bad game. Where one bad game for you turns into three bad games.
Baseball is HARD. Bad games happen. And the more you play, the more they’re going to happen. Nobody is hitting .550 in the Big Leagues like you are doing in Little League.
Wake up excited that you GET to play the game today. Yesterday doesn’t matter. Neither does tomorrow. Be the best today. Be obsessed.
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