The Dreaded Lineup Card

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Players, you all know that feeling when you’re walking up to the line-up card…unsure whether or not you’re playing…
Parents, I’m sure you are experiencing a similar feeling before the game…looking to pick up any signs to help you determine whether or not your son is playing…
Either way, I know that walking up to the line-up card and not seeing your name (or not seeing your son running out on the field) really stinks! We’ve all been there at one time or another so I’m certainly not going to try and convince you that it feels great by any means…
HOWEVER, I am going to challenge you to look at this tragedy differently. You ready?
Imagine thirteen of your best friends are all in one room. Now imagine you need to RANK them from one to nine, so everyone will know you feel about them! But worse yet, some of them won’t even get a ranking! How tough is that? How awkward is that? Is that a good feeling?
No it’s not! But that’s what coaches have to go through EVERY time they fill out a line-up card (which is often!). It’s certainly not easy to rank people, especially ones that you have a relationship with and care about. 
Here’s the tough reality…this is LIFE. Not everyone gets to play shortstop. Not everyone gets to hit in the 3 hole. Just like everyone doesn’t get to be the boss at work. There are a limited amount of spots at the top in all aspects of life.
So instead of worrying or complaining about it, do something about it! Ask your coach what you need to do to get on that line-up card…then do it! 
Coaches aren’t out to get you, they just have an unpopular job! Think about ranking your BFFE’s next time you’re ticked about your spot or lack there of on the line-up card. 
It’s normal to be upset about not playing, I’m not saying don’t be a little upset about it in the moment. However, I am challenging you to DO something about it! 
Complaining doesn’t solve problems. Neither does pointing the finger. Take action. Be accountable for yourself. Change the line-up card. Be obsessed.
PS-This analogy is something I first hear from Kyle Wagner. Not sure if he reads these or not, but thank you for sharing this concept with me!
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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