The Early Signing Period

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This past week was the NCAA Early Signing Period which means that all of the seniors in high school that have committed to play in college get to sign their National Letter of Intent. 
We were fortunate to have A TON of 2019 commits…28 to be exact (and counting!). We had a special ceremony for the players who committed to honor them for reaching this particular goal of theirs. Below are some of our Families that were able to attend!
These young men become part of a very exclusive club…only 7% or so of High School players move on to play at the NCAA level. So clearly, they deserve to be honored! And it really shouldn’t matter if it’s a small DIII school or an ACC school…it’s still very impressive and they all deserve the same amount of recognition despite what social media may tell you. Congrats men!
With all this being said, committing to a college, doesn’t mean your career is “made”. And on the flip side, NOT being committed by now, doesn’t mean your career is over.
For you players that are committed-now you’re competing against the top 7% and only the top 7%. You’re competing against current players who have been in the program already for one, two, or even three years. You can bet that these guys are desperate to either keep their current role and change their future role for the better. No more “17U” age restrictions…this is 18U-22U. You’ll be competing against experienced men.
What are YOU doing this year to prepare yourself for the toughest competition of your career? And I’m not talking about competition against other teams, I’m talking about against your future teammates. Day in and day out…it’s constantly a competition for playing time. It is not easy for freshmen to come in and contribute at any level of college baseball. Work! You haven’t made it yet.
Guys who are still uncommitted-it’s certainly not over for you. Every year there are seniors that “pop” late and get college interest. Every year there are players that walk on or go to a junior college that show up looking like a completely different player than they did during their “recruiting” cycle and force their way onto a roster. But that only happens when you really dedicate themselves to being the best possible player you can be.
So whether you’re going to the ACC, a DIII, or no where yet, the biggest thing you need to focus on is development.
If you’re good enough and don’t allow things such as poor character or grades to get in the way, your career will work out the way it should. Don’t “grind till you sign”. Just grind. Period. Be obsessed. 
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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