Elbow Up, Foot Down, & Don’t Mess Up!

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I’m no dope. I know that the majority of people reading this are parents and/or adults. Sure maybe you forward it on to your son or make him read it from time to time, but not many 10u to 18u players are actually looking forward to opening an email on Monday that MAY help them with their game (if you are under 18yrs old and do that…props to you! I never would have.).
So keeping that in mind, PARENTS…this one is for you!
Now humor me for a second…
Imagine you have a really important, time sensitive document (or insert whatever work project you may have) in front of you. Now imagine that your entire work is watching you try to complete this project AND so is your family. On top of that, it’s a really tricky project, and it needs to be done NOW!
That’s a pretty precarious situation right!?
Now let’s add another level of difficultly to it! As you’re doing this super important, complexed task (let’s say that you’re doing a cost analysis for a huge merger for argument’s sake), everyone is yelling different commands at you…
“No I think you should enter 57,586 instead of 56,8475!”
“Make sure to add correctly!”
“Keep your elbow up while you’re typing!”
“Don’t mess up!”
Does this sound like the optimal conditions to perform well in? HIGHLY DOUBT IT!
So by now parents, I bet you know what I’m getting at. This is what I see literally every time I watch a baseball game.
And it’s no fault of yours….you love the heck out of your son and want to help. You just don’t realize what you’re actually doing while yelling out these commands.
Let’s strive to create an environment where players LOVE playing the game. LOVE competing. And aren’t scared of what going 0-2 or what the car ride home might look like.
Baseball is really, really hard. Let’s all remember that one. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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