Every Time You Touch

By Ken Spangenberg 1 year agoNo Comments
No I’m not about to quote a sappy, pop love song!
Players-how many times do you touch a baseball or swing a bat over the course of the year? Thousands upon thousands right?
Here’s my challenge to you…get better EACH touch and swing. Train with intent. Move with purpose.The truth is you can use all these reps to get better or get worse…one by one…did you get better or worse?
Now, I understand that the majority of these reps may seem “unimportant” …playing catch before practice, doing “simple” drills, swinging to get loose before on-field BP, etc…but when you add up all of these seemingly “unimportant” reps, they can equal massive improvements over time if done with intent and purpose.
Don’t place priority on what you put effort towards. Elite players always have elite work ethics…they don’t pick and choose what’s important and what isn’t because it’s ALL important. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Baseball, Wellness
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