Giving Back to the Game

By Ken Spangenberg 5 months agoNo Comments
The facility was packed a few weeks ago and there was a younger player and his dad walking around trying to find an open space to get some tee work in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any. However, one of our older players saw this young player looking to hit and invited him to join him on the tee.
Seemingly not a big deal right? Well, weeks later…guess what the younger player keeps talking about? Yep you guessed it! That 30 minutes working on the tee with the older player!
PLAYERS-don’t understate the power you have on other players! An invite to hit/throw, a compliment, a tip, or a story can have a much bigger impact on a someone else’s career than you can imagine. 
Baseball is really hard. Let’s not try to beat the game alone. There’s power in community. Be obsessed.
PS-Keeping it short and sweet today since I’m getting married Saturday!
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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