Good vs. Elite

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When do you play hard? When are you a good teammate? When are you locked in at practice? When do you handle adversity well? 
For the bad, solid, and good players, the answer to these questions are all fairly similar…they do all these things when things are going their way, their team is winning, and it’s 75 and sunny out.
Elite players are great teammates when their team is losing.
Elite players practice hard even when they’re struggling.
Elite players enjoy playing the game in 30 degree weather with brutal wind.
Elite players carry themselves the same way regardless if they’re 30 for 30 or 0 for 30.
The bottom line is that elite players are ELITE regardless of the circumstances. They don’t pick and choose when to compete and when not to. It’s all they know.
I’m not a huge Connor McGregor fan because of his ridiculous antics, but am a fan of this quote…
“At the end of the day, you’ve gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable?” – Conor McGregor
You choose how you feel. Don’t allow your surroundings, circumstances, or results choose for you. Choose to feel unbeatable, even when it’s not an easy choice…heck especially when it’s not an easy choice. That’s the difference between good and elite. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
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Maplezone Sports Institute
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