I Can’t Hit

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So we had our 10-12u tryouts this past week and during the tryouts, I took note of something during one of the tryouts..
A player took two rounds. The first round he absolutely crushed the ball. He came back to the dugout confident and happy.
The second round, he struggled a little bit. This time when he came back to the dugout, he told me he “stunk and couldn’t hit”.
I feel like I see this type of reaction a fair amount, especially at the younger ages. 
So here is my PSA to all players, parents, and coaches regarding this topic…
Do not attach what JUST happened to your ability as a player.
A bad round doesn’t make you a bad hitter.
A rough outing doesn’t mean you need to give up pitching.
This is baseball. Bad things happen. We need to stay confident regardless of the most recent outcome. Elite players take bad rounds. They have bad games. They have bad weekends…HOWEVER…
The difference between an elite player and everyone else, is that they don’t let negative results affect their immediate attitude, their belief in themselves, how they prepare for the game, and their love of the game.
Shake it off. Stay relentlessly positive. Believe in yourself. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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