If Hustle Was In GameChanger

By Ken Spangenberg 10 months agoNo Comments

Pretty sure the title gives this post away…

One of the reasons we are SO focused with numbers (winning/losing, batting average, ERA, etc.) is because of the ease of use. I’m hitting X so I’m better than everything hitting less than X. I won 2 games today so I’m better than everyone who won less than 2 games.

Clean and easy. However, it’s dead wrong.

“Success” today doesn’t guarantee “success” tomorrow.

Take batting average for instance…what’s better? Hitting 3 hard line drives and getting out 3 times because they were hit right at fielders OR 3 balls that jammed the hitter, were weakly hit, but happened to find a hole? It’s the line drives…sorry my GameChanger lovers.

Ask any college coach or MLB scout which they’d rather see…10 of 10 will pick the player who hit the ball hard, but ran into bad luck.

So if we’re not paying that much attention to the traditional numbers, what should we pay attention to?

Effort, development, mental toughness, and ENJOYMENT. Focus on practicing/training really hard. Focus on getting a little better every day. focus on being a fierce competitor. And ENJOY doing it.

Check those boxes on a daily basis and you’re going to have the opportunity to see just how good you can be.

If GameChanger had stats for these things, baseball would be better off. Compete, learn, and have fun. Be obsessed.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute

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