February 17th, 2020

Pre-Olympic MSI SEVENS Format
  • Game play is 7v7 (includes goalie)
  • No offsides
  • There will be a draw at the start of each half and after every goal in the final 2 minutes 
  • Field dimensions 40yds x 60yds
  • All teams guaranteed four 20 minute CONTESTS
  • 45-second shot clock
  • 6’x6′ Goals
  • Teams MUST have a goalie in order to compete

The Igloo Games 2.0 is for High School age teams

The tournament is limited to 12 teams MAX

Groups will be created to offer the most competitive game play

Four teams per group

Optimum roster size is 15 players

  • Group 1: 8:00am-11:30am
  • Group 2: 11:30am-2:30pm
  • Group 3: 2:30pm-6:00pm

Cost: $350

*each group plays to a championship

MSI Field House

The MSI Field House is an indoor turfed facility that is 63yds long x 50 yds wide. For the MSI SEVENS, we raise our middle curtain to play on a field 40yds wide by 60yds long to better simulate the outdoor game in an indoor facility.

MSI’s professional staff will also be on site to keep score and provide tournament participants with a direct line of communication to staff.

USL Certified referees for ALL games