The Last Play of Your Career

By Ken Spangenberg 10 months agoNo Comments
I had one of my former college players reach out to me over the weekend because he was bummed at how his career was “coming to an end”. He unfortunately suffered an injury his senior year and really hasn’t been able to play much this year. I think it’s natural to let what has happened most recently affect how we view something as a whole (his career).
Now this young man got to play a lot throughout his career, experienced success, won a conference title, made life long friends, and will graduate with a degree from a Top 10 Program in his Major…I would call that a great career.
Very, very, very few of us will win the MVP in the championship game, be carried off the field by our teammates, and get to make the decision to hang up our cleats after a long, successful career. For the overwhelming majority of us, the game will be taken away from us without our consent.
Don’t focus on how, when, or where your career will end. We don’t necessarily have control over that (my former player thinking he had another full season of baseball, for example). Instead, focus on what you can control…your work ethic, your priorities, and the relationships you form in this game.
Chances are, the game of baseball will be the one deciding your career is over, not you. So what can you do? Enjoy GETTING to play. Enjoy your teammates. Enjoy competing. Enjoy your coaches. Enjoy GETTING to leave everything out on the field…because someday you won’t be able to. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Teams
Maplezone Sports Institute
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