The Little Annoying Things Coach Makes You Do

By Ken Spangenberg 6 months agoNo Comments
I know players…coaches can really get on your case sometimes about the “little” things. They seem so pointless! Does it really matter if you forget to wear the right practice shirt, show up to the field 4 minutes after report time, skip one rep in the weight room, or are backing up a base 10ft behind the bag, instead of 15ft like he said?
Will not doing one of these things cost you a game? Will it make or break your career?
And the answer is no. Not doing one of these things, one time, will not have a huge negative imapct on your career
However, these little things DO add up in a massive way when you consider how many “little” things that you CAN be doing every day to improve.
In any given day, there could be 10, 20, or even  100 “little” things you can do to make yourself better. 
Did you do 50% of them? Did you do 100% of them? Or did you do 15% of them?
Now consider that the number is multipled over weeks, months, and years of your career…while either doing some, all, or barely any of the “little” things.
Holy crap. Not so little anymore huh? 
Take pride in doing the “little” things…because all of them added up over time equal huge things. Look at the big picture. It’s made up of thousands of little things. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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