Maplezone Peak Heat (MPH) is a comprehensive semi-private pitching/throwing program designed to help each individual athlete become a better all around pitcher/thrower, as well as, stay healthy. The semi-private model consists of a smaller group of players which allows players to still get quality attention, but also keeps the environment competitive and fun.  Each player starts with an individual assessment of how the the player moves, both overall and in their throwing mechanics. This allows us to get a baseline of where the player currently is and more importantly, what we need to focus on in order to help the player reach their goals.

Specific drills and throwing protocols (how much, how far, etc.) will then be programmed depending on the assessment, the level, and the goals of each player. Education about proper warm-up and recovery for throwing will also be stressed during the training. Advanced pitching technology, such as Motus and Rapsodo (which will allow us to track spin rate, elbow stress, and much more!), will also be available to give objective feedback as to the progress of each player. We will then be able to track this important information through the use of a profile, made specifically for each player.

MPH (Maplezone Peak Heat) – $200/Month

Meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7:00 – 8:00