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Whether it’s picking teams or talking to families about the college recruiting, this situation commonly comes up…
There is a player (gamer) who is not as physically gifted, but is performing well vs a player (projectable) who is more physically gifted, but to this point, has not performed as well…what player do you choose?
It’s certainly a tough question and there isn’t one answer that is always correct. There are pros and cons to both the gamer and the projectable player.
I will say this though, especially when talking about college recruiting…
Imagine that you’re building a race team and you’re watching two cars race…one is a Prius and the other is a Corvette, but the Corvette has a bum tire. Who’s going to win the race? The Prius. But what if that Corvette gets its tire fixed? We all know who will win then…
And that’s how a lot of colleges look at players. Sure the gamer may be performing better right this second, but with some work the Corvette is a better pick long term.
Now, as the gamer, you can look at this one of two ways…
#1-This isn’t fair! I hit X amount higher than the other player or my ERA was Y lower than that other player and they’re the one that is getting college interest! 
#2-DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Work your tail off to build up your own engine. Lift, train, and repeat. Just because you’re a Prius now, doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself into a Corvette.
And to the projectable player, just because you’re a Corvette, doesn’t mean you’re just going to magically win the race…you still have that bum tire. You need to work as well to fix it!
So the lesson here? Work. The cream will eventually rise to the top. It just may take longer than you’d like. Be the fastest car when it TRULY matters. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Baseball, Wellness
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