Remember Why

By Ken Spangenberg 8 months agoNo Comments
Do you remember why you started to play baseball?
I bet these weren’t any of the reasons…
-to get ranked
-to get college scholarships
-to admire your GameChanger stats
Am I right? I bet I am! I bet you started to play because you loved the game, loved the challenge, and loved competing for your team.
Don’t lose sight of those things as you get older! I know it’s easier said than done,. Especially now because everywhere you look (thanks to social media) is this person committing, that person holding an award, or that guy going 9-12 on the weekend.
It’s constantly in our faces. Fight the urge of getting caught up in it! Focus on what’s important…playing because you love the game, because you love the challenge, and you love the nine guys on the field with you.
 Enjoy GETTING to play this game today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Athletic Training, Baseball, Wellness
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