The SECRET to Getting a College Scholarship

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The SECRET to Getting a College Scholarship
What’s the secret way to be recruited to play baseball in college? I get asked this all the way.
The secret is, there are no secrets. There are no shortcuts. There are no tricks.
Are there certain things that you should and should not be doing to help your chances? Absolutely! 
But here’s what really matters…
  1. BE REALLY GOOD! Only 6.8% of high school players move on to play NCAA college baseball. That’s less than 7 out of 100 players.
  2. WORK REALLY HARD! If only 6.8% of players are moving on to the next level, you better believe that you need to work your tail off. 
  3. BE A GREAT STUDENT! Contrary to popular belief, college coaches can’t snap their fingers and get you into their school. Your grades can either significantly open or close doors. It’s your choice.
  4. This is the big one…be the type of MAN that your current coach wants to put his name on. They are staking their reputation on you…have you made that an easy or hard decision for them? 
Consider this…these college coaches do this for a living. It’s their career. It’s how they support their families. If they don’t win, they jeopardize all of that.
And on top of that, they may be considering giving you a lot of money in baseball and academic scholarships! Do the math, it could be over a hundred thousand dollars we’re talking about here.
So yes, offering you is not a decision that they take lightly.
You need to leave no doubt in their mind that you’re the type of player, teammate, and man that they’re willing to bet their livelyhood on. 
This isn’t just a “game” to them.
Talent is important, but it’s certainly not everything. Be the type of MAN that a coach wants in their program. Be obsessed. 
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Teams
Maplezone Sports Institute
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