Should I Train or Workout

By Matt Vrabel 3 years ago

For years, working out has been a word used to describe what one would do in the gym. It is commonly used to describe or tell friends or family that you are going to the gym or lifting weights. There is nothing wrong with working out and maybe this is just a discussion about word semantics.

Personally, I do not like to use the word working out to describe what it is we do in the MSI Sports Performance Department.

My definition of working out is just going to the gym with no plan, purpose, reason, direction or intent to improve ones physical abilities.

My definition of training is the exact opposite. It is having a well designed plan, reason, direction and intent when in the gym to improve physical abilities.

Training Thoughts

When I think of someone training, I see an initial evaluation and baseline data being collected. Based off of this evaluation, a training program tailored to meet ones goals is designed. The program is then execute and pushes your body to the limit. Training is all about performing exercises that will improve your physical abilities month to month.

Training is also having the mental makeup and understanding of what it takes to push ones body. Weather it’s lifting something heavy, or struggling to perform the exercise with good technique.

When you are training, there are no shortcuts to get to where you want to be. You must know going in, that this is a long process and results will come if you are consistent with your training week in and week out.

Working Out Thoughts

If you workout with no plan or reason, you might get results early, but they will not be consistent and sustainable results.

Most young athletes will relate to this story.

You’re a high school athlete, so you go to the gym with your friends to get stronger or bigger. You have no idea what you’re doing so you look up some exercises on YouTube or in a magazine. One of your friends might know what he’s doing, so you follow him around.

This plan will work initially, but with no training plan or intent, your results will plateau.

dont be that guy

Don’t Be That Guy

Closing Thoughts

It’s always best to learn from a coach who has studied anatomy & physiology, exercise, biomechanics, assessment and program design. Be sure to ask questions about who you are taking advice from, learn about the coaches, their background, who they learned from, etc before you do anything.

Next time you go to the gym, make sure you have a plan, direction and reason for what you are doing, and good things will happen.

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