What Success REALLY Looks Like

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What Success REALLY Looks Like
You worked your tail off all winter…nice work! Just don’t expect to all of a sudden be the best player in your conference. 
One of the biggest issues in player development is thinking that it will happen all of a sudden and results will be automatic. Unfortunately for all you hard workers out there, that is usually not the case.
Development really looks like this….
Success is rarely pretty. Success is rarely predictable. Success rarely follows the timeline we set up in our heads. 
If you worked really hard this off-season and are still not seeing immediate results, please consider this…
Success takes time. There is no such thing as overnight success. It just looks like that to us outsiders because we don’t see all your hard work on a daily basis.
Be patient. If your process is legit, you WILL see results. They may just not come as quickly as you want.
If you think there is a hole in your process, make an adjustment to it. You get good at what you work on. Period. Be obsessed. 
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