Super Bowl Take Away

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First off, I am not an Eagles fan. But between going to college in Philly and then coming back to the city for work a few years later,  I have lived here for almost half of my life…so I was rooting for the Eagles last night.
But I’m not here to relive last night. I’m here to point out something that we really should take note of and that’s Nick Foles. He came through in a huge way for the Eagles after their franchise quarterback went down with an injury…heck, he was the Super Bowl MVP!
Where did Foles spend a lot of his time this year? Yep, you guessed it…the bench! Did he complain about playing time? Did he stop working on improving? Did he become a bad teammate? Did he demand to be traded? No, he did none of those things, in fact, he did the opposite. He worked hard, excelled in the role his team needed him in, and was a great teammate. 
And guess what? When he was called upon to start, he was ready to help his team in a larger role. Foles was ready.
Why is this important for you? Because you need to realize that playing time isn’t the end all be all for you right now. 
Getting better is.
Whether you’re the best player on the team or the worst right now, it doesn’t matter either way. What matters is that you are a better player today than you were yesterday. And you repeat that cycle daily
Don’t let playing time affect your work ethic or passion. If you work hard (and I am exceptionally hard), playing time will come. And you’ll be ready, just like Nick Foles. Be obsessed.
PS-Let’s not forget that Tom Brady struggled to play on just about every team he was ever on until he reached the NFL (and the only reason he started playing then was due to an injury). Look at him now.
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