The Discovery of Tyler Dearden

By Matt Vrabel 4 years ago

Last January, MSI introduced its new Discovery Showcase Series. These marquee events bring college coaches of all levels to MSI to evaluate and interact with high school athletes looking to take their game to the next level. For all intents and purposes, these showcases are a high school player’s opportunity to “Be Discovered.” And, after the inaugural Discovery Baseball Showcase, one such player reaped the rewards more than most.

Tyler Dearden, a 2017 Grad Outfielder from Lumberton, NJ, attended MSI’s Discovery Baseball Showcase at the behest of JR Tolbert, MSI’s Director of Baseball Specialty Events and Showcases.

“I knew Tyler had drawn interest from a few schools before the showcase,” Tolbert said. “And with his skillset, coupled with the caliber of schools we had attending the Discovery Showcase, it was a great chance for Ty to get on the radar of a lot of top schools.”

Dearden, who entered the Discovery Showcase with 2 scholarship offers on the table, took heed of Tolbert’s advice and took full advantage of his opportunity. Posting impressive speed (6.89 – 60 yard), excellent arm strength (88 MPH), and tremendous bat exit velocity (100 MPH), Dearden stood out and had the attention of every college coach in attendance whenever his turn came up.

“I really enjoyed the Discovery Showcase,” said Dearden. “I thought MSI ran a great event with many of the top collegiate programs in attendance. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to hit on the indoor field in front of the coaches. I would say this also benefited me the most,” he added.

With his impressive display at the Discovery Baseball Showcase, Dearden drew interest from several of the schools in attendance.

“I got lots of interest from many schools and have visits coming up with schools that saw me at this showcase.”

Dearden also had high praise for Tolbert, saying, “After the Discovery Showcase, he stayed in contact with me, helping me with the recruiting process. He has been in contact with many schools that were at the showcase . . . He also took the time to make up a video of me hitting to send to these coaches. Can’t thank him enough!”

Not only did Dearden draw interest from schools at the Discovery Showcase, he also caught the eye of Kevin Schneider, MSI’s Director of Travel Teams, who was organizing MSI’s MLK Pro Day, a premier showcase that brought 50 of the top high school players in the region to MSI to perform in front of 65 scouts from all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

“I actually had no idea about MLK Pro Day until after the Discovery Showcase. Kevin Schneider actually invited me at the Discovery Showcase after he saw me perform. He had never seen me play prior to the Discovery Showcase,” said Dearden.

Dearden continued his string of impressive showcase performances at the MLK Pro Day, posting one of the highest exit velocities off of the tee (98 MPH), and displaying the arm strength and speed that caught the eye of so many college coaches the day before.

“The MLK Pro Day was hands down the best event I have ever attended,” Dearden declared. “I have never seen so many pro scouts in one place. I can’t think of many other places that are able to do that. Also, there was tons of talent there. Every kid there was legit.”

Dearden continued by saying, “Overall, I really enjoyed both events and they both benefitted me greatly as I received lots of interest from coaches and scouts after the event. I would say MSI runs some of the best showcases around and I definitely look forward to being invited back to the MLK Pro Day next year.”

Dearden’s success personifies MSI’s mission with its Discovery Showcase Series, providing players with a one of a kind opportunity to put their skills on full display for a plethora of college coaches and professional scouts. And while it is a new staple at MSI, success stories like Tyler Dearden figure to be a common theme of the Discovery Showcase Series.


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