The Inner Cirlce

By Ken Spangenberg 5 months agoNo Comments

The holiday season is upon us! Time for fancy decorations, great food, and piles of presents!!!

While this may be true for some of us (and obviously very enjoyable), let’s take a moment to remember what matters significantly more than any of those things…and that’s FAMILY.

Side Note-Family doesn’t have to be blood…it can be close friends, coworkers you’re close with, or even a coach!

Now back to the point at hand…Regardless of what the connection is to this group, take a second to THANK them for loving and supporting you over the holiday break.

A thoughtful text, DM, or short phone call can really mean a lot to someone.

The best way to live a great life (and career) is to surround yourself with great people who love, support, and push you. Take a moment to show appreciation to your inner circle over the holidays. Be obsessed.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute

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