The Panic Button

By Ken Spangenberg 7 months agoNo Comments

One common mistake I see in this game is players (and parents) hitting the panic button WAY too soon.

One bad game, day, weekend, or even month doesn’t mean that you are all of a sudden bad. It just means that you’ve performed poorly. There is a difference!

Tournament baseball is built to mess with our confidence (by accident)…it’s a lot of baseball in a short amount of time. One weekend can make us feel all sorts of emotions… anywhere from being on top of the world to being ready to hang it up for good.

Don’t let it.

Your baseball career is long. A tournament is not.

Don’t gain or lose your confidence from last weekend’s GameChanger stats (also don’t get cocky and complacent from them if they’re good!).

Now I’m not saying ignore the results (they can absolutely be telling), but make sure you are basing decisions on a big enough sample size.

An MLB team isn’t going to offer a $200 million dollar contract off of one weekend so why would you allow yourself to get so down (or up) after one?

Long term success in this game is about being insanely optimistic about the future while working your tail off in the present. Gain confidence from how hard you are work, not what your boxscore looks like.

Don’t hit the panic button. Believe in yourself. Be obsessed.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute

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