The Toughest Soldier

By Ken Spangenberg 9 months agoNo Comments
So I’m a big morning workout fan. Sometimes that requires some pretty intense music to get the blood rushing that early…
On one particular morning last week, I was listening to some pretty awful rap music, but one lyric caught my attention, “You give your toughest soldiers the biggest tasks.”
This line really spoke to me because I feel that this is something that is actually the opposite of what a lot of people want, think, and even actively avoid if they can.
Instead of being open to a challenge, everyone wants the easy path (and all of the glory)…but unfortunately being elite doesn’t happen that way.
Challenges can come in many shapes and sizes. You could be on a weaker team and need to compete even when you’re not consistently winning. Your swing may feel a little “off”, but a college is coming out to see you. You might find yourself in a position to either go to the gym or hit snooze another time.  Heck, you might even find yourself on the bench (or a “B” team) and need to work your way off of it. 
Achilles wasn’t sent to battle every armies’ worst solider…he was sent to battle the best one. Every time. It isn’t easy becoming elite and it isn’t easy staying elite.
Don’t run from tall tasks. Realize that the journey to the top is full of them. Being the “toughest soldier” sounds cool, but it comes from overcoming a great deal of obstacles. And yes, that sometimes means failing while trying to accomplish those obstacles. The good thing is, we aren’t actually soldiers so those failures aren’t fatal. Literally.
Embrace the biggest tasks. Don’t avoid them. Be obsessed.
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