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“Don’t let the pressure exceed the pleasure.”-Joe Madden (Cub’s Manager)
This quote should be plastered absolutely everywhere.
There is SO much pressure placed on players anymore…both internally and externally. 
Thanks to social media, we all know what every single player in the nation is doing/getting. This creates a great deal more pressure on players today…
I NEED to get an offer, make THE team, hit THAT number. The list goes on and on.
This causes players to forget why they are even playing the game in the first place! The end up playing to accomplish those things, rather than playing because they love the game.
When you feel yourself getting too stressed, remember why you decided to pick up a bat for the first time when you were 4yrs old…I bet it wasn’t to get a scholarship!
And the funny thing is, once you stop worrying about the recognition and focus on playing the game you love, you’ll be more successful.
Play because you love the game, not because you love recognition. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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