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Most of you have heard me talk about my younger brother, Cory, before. For those of you that haven’t, Cory was in the Bigs for four plus years with the San Diego Padres prior to this season.
This offseason, he and the Padres decided to part ways so for the first time in his career, he became a free agent. Exciting, but also a little scary. We didn’t know where he would go, how long it would take, etc.
Thankfully, he signed with the Brewers relatively fast. We were all excited because it looked like he would be on the big league roster on a really competitive team who had a spot at being in the playoffs which is something Cor never experienced with his previous team.
Then things went wrong. Really wrong. I won’t bore you with all the details, but if you want to know just how wrong, check out this article…
Basically, the Brewers signed someone else (Moustaksas), put Cory in the minors, where he really struggled (hitting below .200 for a bit), he was taken off the 40-man roster for the first time in years, and passed waivers (which means no other team wanted him). 
Probably an all-time low for him as a professional. But instead of letting all that affect his game, he did the opposite…he kept working, fixed his swing, and went on an absolute tear hitting over .350 from the middle of May until now.
Saturday, Cory got called up to the Brewers. Sunday, Cory recorded his first hit…a double.
The point of this isn’t to brag about my brother, although I am extremely proud of him, it is to show you that success isn’t linear.
It’s not one success, after another success, after another. It’s not a straight, gradual line forward in a positive direction.
It’s setbacks, it’s failures, and it’s ups and downs. The truly successful people understand that and rather than removing themselves from situations where they are exposed to failure, they embrace it because they understand that the journey to be anything worth while is going to hurt at times.
Your path will not be paved, nor will it be easy…but that’s because you’re chasing something special. Rather than avoid the path or take a seat on the bench, keep moving. You’ll never know where it will actually end unless you deal with the twists, turns, and detours along the way. Be obsessed.
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