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By Ken Spangenberg 2 years agoNo Comments
Everyone knows Hunter Pence as the big, awkward outfielder who despite not being smooth at anything, who still somehow has been a productive big league player for a long time now. But here’s what most don’t know…Pence is know by the majority of the league as being one of the best teammates, leaders, and PEOPLE in the league.
Please take a moment to listen to what his teammates say about him and also his reaction after hearing the comments…
Did they mention his stats, All-Star Game appearances, or rings? NO. They talk about how he makes them FEEL.
A lot of us (coaches included) have lofty goals in this game and to an extent, baseball is an individual game. However, it’s possible to accomplish those goals and also lift up the people around us.
20yrs from now, no one will recall your GameChanger stats. What they WILL recall is what type of PERSON you were. What kind of competition you were. What kind of teammate you were. And probably some ridiculous story of you doing some dopey on the field…we all have one of those stories.
When you take the field, take it as part of a brotherhood…not an individual. “Me” vs the world aren’t good odds. If your teammates are describing you the same way that Pence’s teammates describe him, you’ve succeeded in this game.
Be an exceptional MAN first. Prioritize the people around you and they’ll do the same in return. You can’t make it alone in this game. Be obsessed. 
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