An Unconventional Journey (to the Big Leagues)

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Every young player’s dream is to one day become a Big Leaguer…and can you blame them? I can’t! For a lot of us, the dream was to make this game our career…grown men playing a kid’s game they say.
But we aren’t going to talk about dreams today. We’re going to talk about the reality of making your dream a reality and a common pitfall I see with players trying to reach this particular dream.
You don’t need to be the best player in Little League to eventually be a Big Leaguer.
You don’t need to be ranked by Perfect Game to eventually be a Big Leaguer.
You don’t need to be an All-State High School player to eventually be a Big Leaguer.
You don’t need to go to a big DI ACC or SEC school to eventually be a Big Leaguer.
What you NEED to be is GOOD enough to be Big Leaguer. Period. Nothing else matters…are you good enough or aren’t you? 
Pro scouts and Front Offices are not going to look back at your Game Changer stats to make their decision. They’re going to look at you RIGHT NOW and decide if they think you have it or you don’t.
Case and point, my brother Cory. He didn’t check ANY of the boxes I mentioned earlier, but still became a Top 10 pick in the MLB Draft and has spent the bulk of the last 5 seasons playing at the MLB level.
Here’s my first ever post going into more detail about his story if you’re curious…
What am I getting at? 
Don’t focus on results right now. Focus on the future. Focus on getting better TODAY, instead of what you did or didn’t accomplish yesterday.
Stats are history. The future is what college coaches and pro scouts are going to concern themselves with.
What are you doing today to improve your future? Be obsessed.
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