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It is human nature to label things as good or bad, right or wrong, black or white…however, when it comes to our baseball careers there are very few absolutes.
On a daily basis, I am asked about hot button topics, such as, showcases, weighted balls, and travel teams, just to name a few. The conversation typically starts like this…
-Weighted balls cause injury right?
-Showcases are just a money grab right?
-I need to play on a national travel team right?
And the person is expecting a yes or no answer…but the answer is typically, “ehh it depends”.
Showcases can get you a college scholarship OR could be a waste of a couple hundred bucks.
Weighted balls can transform your career OR could cause serious injury.
Travel teams can help you develop, play better competition, and be a platform to get you recruited by colleges OR could be a waste of your precious time.
So how do you know when to use these things? Think of it like this…a hammer can help you build a house or it could break your thumb. It’s all in how and WHEN you use it the hammer.
That’s how you need to look at any of these items (and countless others). They are simply tools in your toolbox that. When they are used correctly, they can help advance your career.
So be tactical with how, when, and the frequency in which you use them. Just like you can’t solely use that hammer we discussed to build a house, you can’t only go to showcases and expect to get college offers (you need to develop and train too!).
There’s an optimal tool for each job. Use your toolbox properly. Be obsessed. 
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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