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So since you’re taking the time to read these weekly emails, I assume that you or someone you care about wants to play baseball in college.
Between being a college coach and running the MSI Baseball Program, I now have 12yrs of recruiting/recruiting assistance under my belt and have a unique perspective since I’ve now been involved on both sides of the recruiting process.
Here’s a list of things that I have never asked a college coach about a player and/or a coach has never asked me about a player…
  1. What is his batting average?
  2. What is he ranked?
  3. What was his winning percentage as a 10U-16U player?
  4. What is his travel team ranked?
  5. Was he All-Conference?
  6. How many Instagram or Twitter followers does he have?
I can go on, but I hope you’re catching what I’m throwing by now. What “youth baseball” perceives as important and what is ACTUALLY important seem to be two very different things.
So if none of those things matter, what actually does? 
  1. Being a quality player when you’re older (prioritize long term development).
  2. Being a great student (yes you will almost certainly get more ACADEMIC money than baseball money to play in college).
  3. AND being a great person. Make it easy for your current coach to put his neck on the line for you.
No tricks. No shortcuts. Focus on being really good when you’re 17+ years old. Focus on having grades that open doors rather than shut them. And, finally, possess the type of character that makes people want to go to bat for you when it matters. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Baseball, Wellness
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