What To Pay Attention To

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What To Pay Attention To
So I’ve become a big podcast/audiobook guy…I have a long commute to work and that’s how I pass the time. 
As I hit play on a new podcast recommended to me by a friend, I am floored by the opening line…
“I believe you only pay attention to those problems you can solve. If you’re not actively working to solve the problem, then all you’re doing is gossiping and complaining.” -Steven Kotler
Now this podcast has absolutely zero to directly do with baseball, but how applicable is this quote to the game?
We have a finite amount of TIME and energy each day. How much of that time and energy do we spend on solving problems compared to gossiping and complaining?
Unfortunately, I think that ratio is out of whack for a lot of people (and I am certainly someone that fell into that category at a point of my life).
So your umpire stunk Saturday and made a couple of bad calls…are you going to spend thirty minutes and some of your energy complaining about it or will you spend your valuable time on learning from the game, practicing your craft, or even just enjoying time with your friends?
Any of those options are more productive options than complaining about something you can’t control!
Here’s another example…so you’re going to play a DH in some pretty brutal heat tomorrow. You can either let the heat beat you by complaining or you can hydrate, eat healthy, wear sunscreen, and enjoy the challenge of playing in uncomfortable conditions.
A problem isn’t a problem if you can do anything about it. Spend your precious time and energy on actionable items, not on gossiping or complaining. You’ll surprise yourself with how quickly your perspective will change. Be obsessed.
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