What Will You Be Left With?

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I took a weekend off! I was in Austin, Texas for one of my best friend’s bachelor party’s (in fact I’m actually writing this on the plane ride home).
How did I meet him you ask? I played college baseball with him from 2004-2008. We were both freshman on the team and lived in the same dorm hallway.
Besides me, there were EIGHT of our former teammates that also made the journey! Some older, some younger…with all of us sharing the common bond of being on the same college baseball team.
Why should you care about my weekend in Austin?
Because this is yet another example of what baseball is truly about…the RELATIONSHIPS. 
People won’t remember your GameChanger stats, your accolades, or your measurables…they will remember how you made them FEEL.
Think about it…
10+ years later (god I’m getting old), a bunch of us were willing to give up one of our precious weekends to fly half way across the country and spend a couple grand, to help celebrate a former teammate’s future marriage.
This. Isn’t. Just. About. BASEBALL. 
0.001% of us will GET to make a living playing this game. The other 99.999% of us will be left with our relationships.
How are your relationships?
What type of MAN will your teammates say you are? Will they pick you up when you fall down? Will they fly across the country for you? Will they have your back?
Regardless, if you’re a future pro or not, this is not a journey you can complete alone. Be the type of MAN that your teammates will drop everything for. Be obsessed.
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