Who You’re REALLY Competing Against

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We had our first ever MLB/MiLB Roundtable last week which was open to our own players and families, but also the general public. It was made up of current pros who discussed things such as their journey to pro ball, what a day in the life of an MLB player is like, etc. 
There were so many great messages and take aways, however, today I want to discuss one in particular…
One of the MiLB players was an 18-year old from the Bahamas named Trent Deveaux. Trent’s story was simply unbelievable. He left his HOME at the age of 13 to pursue his baseball career. Yes you read that right, he left his home at 13…
He then traveled to the Dominican Republic where he only trained for baseball around the clock. He was THIRTEEN, alone in another country, not speaking the language, training 7 days a week in hopes of becoming a professional baseball player.
If you want to write “professional baseball player” on your tax returns some day, this is who you are truly competing against…the entire world. And believe me, it is full of obsessed players who are willing to do things like Trent did to make their dreams come true.
Does that mean you need to drop out of school and move to the DR? It certainly does not. 
But what it does mean is if playing professional baseball is your goal, be ready to go against players like this for exact same opportunities. Be ready to match this level of prepartion.  
“Success” is very relative. It is easy to look around and be content with being in the upper echelon of the players you can see…but that’s not really your competition.
Talent won’t make your dreams come true. Taking pride in consistently preparing will. If professional baseball is your goal, make it your lifestyle. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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