100 Out of 100 (Almost)

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If you’re reading this, odds are strong that you want to play baseball in college or are involved with a player/players that have that exact dream.

When the typical player is asked what school they want to go to, it is almost a guarantee that they’ll list schools like UVA, UNC, Florida, Vandy, etc…all D1 Colleges and all Top 25 Programs in the country.

And who wouldn’t want to go to these schools? They’re gorgeous, have insane facilities, and a great baseball track record!

However, it’s also important to know what the odds of actually playing at a Top 25 DI Program are. So let’s do some math…

About 7% of High School baseball players move on the play NCAA Baseball at some level (DI, DII, or DIII).

About 2% of those players will go to a DI college to play.

There are just shy of 300 DI schools in the country currently, but just to keep the numbers cleaner, let’s use 300 DI schools for this example.

So if you want to play at a Top 25 DI Program, that means that you are in the top 0.16% of all High School baseball players!

Just to put it into perspective, take a room full of 100 High School players…the numbers show that it’s very close to 100 out of 100 NOT having the opportunity to play at that type of program.


Now please hear this…just because the odds are not in your favor (at all), doesn’t mean that you CAN’T be in that 0.16%.

Realize that you’ll have to match what you’re willing to sacrifice, on a daily basis, to the crazy odds of reaching a goal that tough to obtain.

Ultimately, you will be the one that determines whether you fall into that 0.16% or not. Be obsessed.

PS-Going to a Top 25 Program or even a DI Program is far from “required” if you want to have a great college career or even play after college. Players from all levels will have a chance at playing post college if they are GOOD enough so make sure to pick a school that will develop you, but again, it’s ultimately in your hands whether you reach that goal or not. Another topic we’ll touch in the future.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute

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