An Unpopular Take on Video Games

By Matt Ciarrocchi 1 year agoNo Comments

I am assuming you all opened this hoping (or thinking) I was going to bash playing video games. Sorry but that’s not exactly what is about to go down.

Playing video games is NOT evil. In fact, the majority of the professional players I know play video games.

However, can be “evil” about them is what you may be giving up in order to play them the amount that you are. 

In my example of the majority of pro players playing video games, you need to understand that they’re also at the field for literally 12hrs a day and for them, playing an hour of video games before bed is simply a way to unwind. 

They’re still playing 150+ games, training really hard, lifting, eating right, etc. They aren’t sacrificing the critical things that they need to get done, on a daily basis, to play video games. They are mature and aware enough to know that if they do not keep their priorities straight, someone who does have them straight will take their job. That’s how pro ball works.

So the question becomes…how are your priorities?

That’s where video games (insert other habits here as well) can become a problem. What are you giving up to play them the amount that you do? 

Nothing? Sweet! Play for a bit. You’ve earned it.

However, if the answer is things like…Lifting? Training sessions? Studying? Eating right? Then you may need to ease back on the controller.

Fort Nite (if that’s still even cool?) will not go bad if you don’t play it 3hrs a night. Align your priorities with your goals…then treat yourself. Be obsessed. 

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