Avoid the Lull

By Ken Spangenberg 1 year agoNo Comments

The first week or two of quarantining was probably fun for most of you. You got to sleep in, post cool videos of you working out at home, and barely do any school work.
However, as the quarantine continues, it will get harder and harder to avoid the lull. The lull consists of things like spending way too much time on the couch, skipping workouts, and/or eating crap (just to name a few). Instead of…well…doing the opposite of all those things.
To repeat the theme of last week, THERE WILL BE BASEBALL AGAIN and those that have invested in themselves during this time will reap the rewards of their choices when we’re all back between the lines.
So how do we avoid the lull? Here are a couple of suggestions…
#1-Write down your short and long term goals then hang them somewhere visible (or even make them the background of your phone). This way when you’re having trouble getting motivated, you’ll be reminded why you need to get your butt off the couch!
#2-Find a way to compete. Whether it’s having a push-up contest with your brother or FaceTiming a teammate to see who can hit the most consecutive lasers off a tee, adding a competitive element to everything you’re doing will make you push yourself and also add another layer of accountability to your daily routine.
Now is the time to get creative in your preparation rather than give up on it! Avoid the lull guys…it WILL be worth it. Be obsessed.

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