Change Your Narrative

By Matt Ciarrocchi 3 years agoNo Comments
Congrats to everyone that made “the team”…whether it’s your Freshmen, JV, or Varsity team, I’m sure you were pumped to see your name on the list at the end of try outs.
For those of you that didn’t see their name or didn’t see it on the “right” list…well it’s time to do something about it. And that “something” doesn’t involve pouting or pointing fingers.
As the great Happy Gilmore (a character in an Adam Sandler movie which I sincerely hope you’ve seen) once said, “364 more days till the next year’s hockey try outs!” 
That’s where you’re at right now. But here’s the truth…regardless of what you feel, what people are telling you, or what team you’re on (or not now) currently on, it really doesn’t matter. If you don’t let it matter!
I can give you example after example of players who weren’t on “the team” when they were younger, but worked their tail off and changed the narrative. 
Why can’t that be you? And honestly, the only reason it can’t be, is because you don’t WILL it to be.
If you really want to be on “the team” next year, I bet you that you can be. But you really need to work. And when I say work, I don’t mean go to Planet Fitness a few days a week and hit on your tee in the garage. I mean really, really, really work. Work to the extent that people think you’re a little bit crazy because honestly, that’s what it is going to take to change the narrative. 
And yes, this goes for all ages. You can be a college junior who’s never played and change it. You can be low level pro guy and change it. You can be a big leaguer who “can’t hit” and change it.
You just need to love it. And “it” isn’t playing the game. “It” is training. “It” is doing the research to discover how you need to train. And “it” is repeating it on a daily basis, regardless of how good or bad you feel.
Change your narrative. Work. Be obsessed. 
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Teams
Maplezone Sports Institute
  Athletic Training, Baseball, Wellness
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