PDP College Off-Season

This will be the most competitive college baseball has ever been. Will you be ready?

Full Assessment

Every athlete that trains this winter will be assessed by Rob Rabena, George Zirkel, and Eddie Paparella. The assessment will begin by testing flexibility, joint range of motion, and the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Next, athletes will be tested for power, speed, agility and fitness level. During the throwing assessment, athletes will begin by reviewing their throwing and training history. Then, each athlete will be put through a set of drills to assess movement quality and throwing mechanics. If the athlete is on-ramped and healthy, he will perform three pulldowns and a brief bullpen. The bullpen will be tracked on Rapsodo to get an understanding of the pitcher’s arsenal. For the hitting assessment, athletes will be put through several drills to evaluate how their body is moving while hitting. The hitting assessment will be tracked using a Blast Motion sensor to quantify what the hitter is doing with each swing.

The Plan

Following the assessment, the trainers and athletes will sit down and go over the information gathered. From there, a plan in hitting, throwing, and sports performance will be designed that fits the needs and goals of the athlete. All throwing and hitting programs will be on TRAQ, a baseball training software designed by Driveline Baseball. Athletes can easily track their progress over the course of the summer.

The Schedule

PDP winter training will be done in a semi-private format. This means that athletes have access to the facility and coaches for six days (Monday-Saturday) per week. Athletes will select time slots to attend daily and this offseason, college players will bee permitted into our Professional Player Sessions!

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PDP-College Off-Season

$125 per week for the first four week.

$100 per week after that.

Will be ready for the 2021 Season? 

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