Does Hard Work Pay Off?

By Ken Spangenberg 1 year agoNo Comments
Hard work pays off. You’ve heard that before…nothing new there. And generally, it is something that I agree with.
So we’re all on the same page with that statement right? Then WHY haven’t you gotten that goal you’ve been working hard for?!? 
Here’s why…
Although hard work DOES pay off…it just takes a longer than we would like. Goals are rarely accomplished after a few weeks of working hard. It is much more likely that it will take you years…and that’s the separator. It isn’t easy to sweat and sacrifice over something that is still years away.
But that’s why everyone isn’t a college baseball player or a big leaguer! Goals that are REALLY worth it will take you years upon years to accomplish and most people don’t have that type of discipline and passion.
Sacrifice NOW so that you’re in the position to accomplish your lofty goals down the road. It may look like you’re an overnight success, but we all know the truth. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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